Eco Features

Our promise at The Fern Hotels & Resorts is a premium standard of amenities and service with a true passion for the environment. A living thing, the fern is a perennial plant, retaining a rare consistency and many of it best characteristics over millions of years. It is an epitome of pedigree flora and it aptly represents us.

In a world where guests require proactive, individualized service, The Fern delivers much more. Luxury with elegance and personalized service, and all the contemporary facilities packaged together with minimal impact on the environment.


As hoteliers, creating the best experience for you is paramount. We have maintained this commitment and we thank you for respondingpositively by actively taking part in our initiatives.We have successfully demonstrated that environment initiatives do not need to compromiseyour experience.

With the initial goal of acceptance achieved, we are focusing on the next level 'responsibility', by initiating a more participative experience for you through new programmes.

Green Button

An innovation by The Fern, the Green Button is a guest interaction initiative unique to us. It is widely acknowledged as the best marriage of reducing carbon emissions with guest support and no decline in experience in anyway.

The Green Button is a special feature on the bedside control panel*. The single push of the button gives you the ability to make an immediate and immense contribution to the environment by reducing power consumption. A certificate is shared with you at checkout. *In some hotels only

*In some hotels only

Green Team

This is a special group of people, all volunteers from the staff body. The Green Team is the driving force of our environment initiatives at each property. The team initiates and monitors all environment initiatives done in-house. The Green Team empowers the staff far beyond the property’s set-up. Professional hierarchy is also set-aside in this unique team.

The success of the Green Team can be gauged from the guests and staff members who have taken our green message in to their own lives and personal groups.

Advanced Locality Management

The Fern is aware of the impact a hotel or resort has on its environment and its people, both internal – staff and guests – as well outside, on the community. Each The Fern property is an active member in its locality. Community initiatives, often led by the Green Team, range from working alongside local administrators and residents in planning infrastructure projects to outreach projects in schools and cleanliness drives.

Working with the community allows the team to learn new skills while sharing its knowledge in exchange. These participative initiatives always lead to better results for the community.

Green Time

Every so often, we invite guests, staff and local community members others to participate in an extension of the Earth Hour. We meet in candlelight as the hotel’s electric lights are shut off for a 15 min long session. The response has been fabulous and the programme continues to evolve.

Led by the general manager, we share our green tips and initiatives and welcome your experiences of green travel and practices. Listening to you is important to us and your feedback often makes it in our operations.

Guest experience and participation is central to our message at The Fern.

    Eco Features

  • Ayurvedic toiletries
  • Cloth bags are used in place of plastic shopping bags
  • Eco-friendly baskets are used for your laundry newspapers and laundry
  • Water-friendly tap and flushes that save 50% of water
  • Plastic hangers are replaced with pressed particleboard hangers
  • Pens and pencils made from virgin wood are replaced with those from recycled cardboard, reprocessed plastic and scrap wood
  • All stationary is either handmade or made from recycled paper
  • Your complimentary in-room slippers are handcrafted with rubber sole or jute
  • No flowers are cut for decoration. Instead, potted plants are used to decorate the room and keep it green
  • Rooms are provided with recycle bins for guests to deposit recyclable material

The Pledge

Each member of The Fern family, from the Chairman to the entire staff body, takes a pledge to adhere to and further the commitment to the environment.

“Being a team member of an environment sensitive group, I pledge to protect and enhance the environment including all its resources by encouraging and implementing the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle. I will manage my share of resources with maximum efficiency. I pledge to form an educated opinion and to make responsible choices. I pledge to make a difference.”

Led by the Green Team, ‘environment sensitization’ has become a significant part of the training programme.

Our environmental policy is based on the four globes derived from our planet’s most venerable elements; water, air, land, people.


Water is that rare resource which can be recycled indefinitely. Our water management therefore embodies the 3 Rs. We first reduce as much as we can and then recycle it to make it reusable, which further reduces our need to take new water from the local system.


We reduce our water consumption by monitoring everything about its use. Sub-meters installed in every area provide precise reports on how water is used. Treating it as an asset, each department is responsible for its usage and rewarded for the savings made. It’s surprisingly simple. . We’ll be happy to show you how it done. Please ask your hotel’s manager for a tour.

Guest Programmes

You are invited to join us in reducing up to 16 litres of water a day when you stay with us by choosing to reuse your linen and towels for the next day.

The Save My Planet card, when kept on the bed, lets the housekeeper know you too agree its wasteful to change the bed linen daily. Thank you for doing this as it saves at least 16 litres of water per bed..

The same for your bath towels. We’ll replace your bath towels only if kept in the laundry basket o the floor. Keeping it on the rack lets us know its good enough to use again. Thank you for doing this as it saves around 10 litres of water per room.

Eliminating Chemicals

Popular cleaning agents and additives to water have a long-term negative effect on the environment. We have minimized their use and continue to invest in newer technology that eliminates the harmful chemicals altogether. The cleaning chemicals used by our hotels are the new generation, certified, eco-labeled products.

Aerator & Flow Restrictors

All taps contain special aerators, which increase the water force and reduce outflow, saving water. Using these aerators saves up to 50% of water. Further still, the taps are placed at a 30o angle, which reduces flow rate while the aerator is set to medium.

Dual Flush

The dual flush system in the guest bathroom saves up to 70% of water per use by giving you the choice. The average hotel flush consumes 10 litres per use. Our upper flush uses 3 litres while the lower flush uses 7 litres.

Sewage Treatment Plant

We actively treat the waste water to reduce the tremendous burden a hotel’s sewage puts on the local environment and system. Sewage or black water is treated and cleansed to improve it to grey quality i.e. usable for gardening and outdoor cleaning. Bathroom water is termed as ‘white’. Water suitable for drinking is called ‘portable’ water.

Grey water is used for all outdoor areas except the water fountains as that will deteriorate the quality of the granite.


The group bears witness to what we have done long, long after it’s done. So, maintaining a good equilibrium of we return to the land is important to us.

Waste Management

While waste management is last mile of a regular supply chain, for us it defines what we buy and use so as to waste as little as possible. We have detailed waste management that includes; The 3 R’s – The basis of our waste management policy is the 3 simple R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As an example of ‘Reduce’ we avoid the default use of plastic straws, paper napkins, plastic cling wrap etc. These are available at our hotels, though like fruits, are provided only on request.

The 3 R’s– The basis of our waste management policy is the 3 simple R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As an example of ‘Reduce’ we avoid the default use of plastic straws, paper napkins, plastic cling wrap etc. These are available at our hotels, though like fruits, are provided only on request.

4 Bins–Segregation is essential to reusing is, so all garbage is segregated into 4 colour-coded bins. Green Bin: For recyclable waste; Red Bin: For non-recyclable waste; White Bin: For dry garbage, and the Black Bin: For wet garbage. We even have two bins in every guest room to segregate at source.

Vermicomposting – Composting pits are maintained at the hotel that decompose all wet waste in to manure. This is then used in various gardens both in and outside the hotel. Each year, we decompose over 200 tons of waste.

These are just a few of our waste management processes. Today we have been able to keep up to 99.7% of our waste out of landfills in some hotels; we aim for a 100% across all our hotels. And what’s, more this achievement is externally certified.


We use extensive energy management to reduce the burden we place on the atmosphere. Hotels have historically been one of the highest consumers of energy. With extensive public spaces and 24x7 temperature control, the energy consumed is on an industrial scale. We at The Fern have created a few basis steps to we both guide and lead the industry in reducing energy consumption. This along with our other measures has won us over 25 awards in the short span of 4 years.


We follow a scheme of Passive Solar Architecture, an approach where we use the architecture of the building to protect against heat and allow for the natural light. For e.g. we use double-glazed windows which keep the heat and exterior sound out of hotel. Similarly, investments in insulated roofs keep the heat out and reduce the energy consumed for air-conditioning.

STL Tanks

Our air-conditioning systems are linked to STL tanks (Stored Thermal Latent) which store the excess cooling generated. These then take over the cooling of the hotel during off-peak hours. It’s a productive way to utilise excess energy which would have unfortunately been wasted. This is becoming an industry-standard.

Hot Water

In centrally cooled buildings, hot water is a by-product of the generators used to create the cool air. Thankfully, hotels have a need for hot water. So through a novel process, the heat generated by the air-conditioning is captured and used to heat all our hot water needs.

The Fern, Ahmedabad is a luxury business hotel with a true passion for the environment.As an ecotel hotel, we do this in three ways, religiously managing our hotel operations with the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, engaging with our local community with activities and thirdly, encouraging guests to join us in the eco-activities.

Eco Facilities, Activities&Hotel Operations

We have and active outreach programme with our local community.


Brief Information

Harit Gujarat

Run for Green Ahmedabad

Plantation in Alpha Beta School

Topic taken: Importance of plants and why we need to save our environment.

Eco quiz competition

Competition was organized for the staff to check their knowledge

Silent Run

Conducted in coordination with Times of India from VidhanSabha to MNIT

Environment poster making competition

was organized for the staff in staff cafeteria

Silent walk procession

Was conducted from Clarks Amer hotel to the Fern Hotel on the occasion of the environment day.

Earth Day

This day was celebrated by doing plantation in various locations of Durgapura

Earth Hour

All the lights of the hotel were switched off for an hour and the guests also participated actively.

ECO Mania

Environment Day (5th June) was celebrated by organizing Eco mania on 4th of June’2011 in which the team took part in dancing, Singing, Stage Shows, Poetry & fashion show which prominently gives messages on being environmentally friendly and its importance.


Green team organized plantation around the hotel in remote areas in the month of July’11 which involved Guests of the hotel also.

Educating students of ‘’Heritage Public School’’ & “ShriKanyaSadachar School”.

Topic covered: What is the importance of saving plants? Information given: An animated video clip was shown to the students and questions were asked related to the same topic. After getting a very good response from their side, again the video was explained to all of them for their better understanding.

Educating students of ‘’Heritage Public School’’ & “ShriKanyaSadachar School”.

Topic covered: What is the importance of saving energy and water? Information given: An animated video clip was shown to the students and questions were asked.


Remote areas around the hotel. No. 35 plants were planted.

Cleanliness Drive

The green team cleaned the slums near the hotel and 107.79 kg of dry garbage was collected. This garbage majorly consisted of plastic bottles, rubber, papers, plastic glasses, poly bags etc.